It’s the day before E3, and at this point the feelings of any gamer should be the same. Incredibly excited and enthusiastic, and for the slightly pessimistic there may be a bit of fear of disappointment. I’m afraid I’m a pessimist so instead of listing all my dreams and hopes for specific titles, I’m just going to write some things I hope companies DON’T do at E3.

Please DON’T announce or show off titles that won’t be out for more than a year. Why? It’s not fair to gamers and, in my case, it kills hype and enthusiasm for upcoming games. Let’s take Final Fantasy 13 for example. It was announced in E3 2006, and 3 years later we’re still under a year off from playing it. And you know what? My excitement for the game is zero. Same thing with Gran Turismo 5, back when the 4th game came out I was a huge fan. Fast forward about 4 years, and still no 5th installment. It depresses me to think that even if Nintendo does announce a new Zelda/Metroid/Mario, it’ll be at least a year before we play it.

Another thing I hope they don’t do is kick off the next generation of consoles yet. Now could be the time we start seeing and hearing new things, as the Xbox came out in 2001, and the 360 was announced in early 2005 and released late that year. Releasing or announcing a new console right now would be very stupid, I hope this generation lasts a bit longer than last time.

-Also, how about some big surprises? Please? It’s like this year a lot of games have either already been announced or leaked before the big show. Has anyone else felt this? The big surprises are always the best part of E3, stuff like the announcement of Twilight Princess or Final Fantasy 13 coming to the 360. There better be something like that this year.

What are you thoughts before the big week? Any hope/dreams for something to happen or not happen? Does anyone just not care? I know I’ll be glued to the computer all next week, seeing what lies in my gaming future.

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