Well i’ll be fair,i like to rant and as such i propose you this sort of column called "The Ranting Swede" first game i’ll pick? Mad World

Now don’t get me wrong,there is a lot to like in Mad World… The Sin City visuals are cool,the music is cool and the announcers makes funny joke most of the times (well when they aren’t too busy just being annoying) the challenge are fun,the game is short (altough this might also count as a minus) and ehy it’s one of the few wii games where the developer actualy put some effort into it (unlike many other… i think the biggest culprit is probably namco) so what’s my problem with mad world?

These guys developed God Hand! What happened to all the different dodges? bosses that didn’t resolve in QTE (ok the wiimote make them works better but they are still QTE!) and instead in actual fighting? Why the game never evolves from picking a guy and throwing it at the nearest sharp object you can find? what happened to the difficulty? a playtrough on normal in god hand is harder than a playtrough on hard in mad world!

[video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87CBtG7izEA 500×500]

Sorry madworld you are not alexander!