When Fable 2 was released a rumor came out that Lionhead was already working on Fable 3.  The assumption at the time was that it would be released for the successor of the 360.  The reason for this is that each Fable game had taken 4 years to create.  But a new Fable game on the 360 would not take 4 years, for the engine and art design is already done.  Another Fable game may only take 2 years, and therefore we could be seeing Fable 3 on the 360.  
IGN had an article that Peter Molyneaux had at least 3 more Fable games planned. (ign)  
Kotaku also had an article that suggests Fable 3 will hit sooner than expected. (kotaku
When the last downloadable content pack came out, titled "See The Future", most assumed it was going to give us a glimpse of the next Fable.  It sort of did this (I won’t spoil it for you), but left more questions than answers.  The question I have is:
Are we going to see Fable 3 on 360, and will it be shown/previewed THIS E3?