Simon Weatherall


Haworth (UK)

Video Games should be my middle name due to the amount of time I spend playing them, it must be in my blood. In the 20 Years that I have been been on both consoles and PCs I have watched the industry evolve (I still own a working Spectrum Sinclair ZX81) and have owned every console since the Sega Master System.


My passions for gaming so large that I started on a University Degree in the area to allow me to enter further into the industry. After asking for opinions on an article on gaming that I had done for some coursework, I unexpectedly became a staff writer at CGN (Complete Gaming Network). Working my way up the ranks wasn’t an easy task but my enthusiasm for not only gaming but writing to is only rivalled by one other, my good friend and fellow writer Andy Corrigan. This in turn has secured me the role as Deputy Editor and second in command of which is coming soon. My biggest gaming achievement would be converting my partner Kirsty into not only a gamer but a writer as well.

Not one to shy away from writing you will hopefully read a lot of quality articles from myself some funny others more serious.