iPhone app developer Rick Strom has nearly 20 apps in Apple’s App Store. So when Strom claims that apps aren’t selling, he has first-hand data to back it up. His Zen Jar app, when it was free of charge, was downloaded around 1,200 times daily. As a 99 cent app, it’s only bought around 30 times per day. Yet that places it at #34 in the popular Social Networking category. Strom’s hit app nets him about $20 a day.

Software developer Brad Kellett, doubting the stats, did some coding and crawling of the App Store. Kellett posted some pretty charts and shared his stats as a Google doc. But his charts don’t include sales numbers for the apps, which aren’t available from the store. His charts are nice to look at, but they don’t refute Strom’s story.

[Image from BradKellett.com]