MashLogic, the Menlo Park company that makes those little pop-up windows you either love or hate, has now added links to trending Twitter topics related to the Web pages you visit. The company has also closed a $500,000 angel round.

The service works through a browser plug-in. Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, Mashlogic includes links to information it thinks you might find useful.

One investor, co-founder Scott Kurnit, has joined the company’s board of directors.

Other investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, Wikia CEO Gil Penchina and SoftTech VC founder Jeff Clavier.

MashLogic has also incorporated Twitter’s API into its product: “We now automatically add links to trending Twitter topics and Twitter profiles (@names) on web pages,” writes MashLogic VP of Products and Strategy, Ranjit Padmanabhan. “You can explore these topics or user profiles, or tweet, without leaving the page you’re reading.”