Microsoft has just finished up their E3 conference, and I’m sure most of you already know what happened regarding game announcements and the like. So I’m just going to post my positive thoughts after this huge event.


– It was great to see Final Fantasy 13 up and running on the 360, as well as getting another confirmation for the release date. If there are any more delays I might just give up on this game. The video here was similar to what we’ve already seen of this game, there were no surprises here.

-Great group of exclusives here. One of the best in my opinion was Alan Wake. After such a long wait, we get to see what the game is really like, and it did not disappoint. It has a kind of Silent Hill vibe as well as what looks like Resident Evil 4 style gameplay. Was anyone else reminded of Luigi’s Mansion, like with the flashlight? How about the screaming? "M-M-Mario?!" "Rusty!!!"

Also Shadow Complex looks excellent. I didn’t expect a Left 4 Dead sequel so soon, especially from Valve. Hope they can add more content this time around.

-Personal game(s) of the conference? For me it was Halo: ODST and Modern Warfare 2, both of which were demoed on the stage, both of which look excellent. Holiday 2009 is starting to be a repeat of the great Holiday 2007 all of a sudden, with the aforementioned Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2. Come to think, where were these games?

-When Kojima appeared behind the speaker…I went apeshit.  Sure the announcement wasn’t MGS4, which I was really hoping for, but it’s still Metal Gear for 360. You cannot go wrong with that.

-Now the biggest shock of the conference, the thing everyone is going to be talking about the most…Project Natal. This really came as a surprise to me, to everybody, I’m sure. Could this be the future of gaming? From what we saw today…I’m gonna go ahead and say no. This just looks like the next way to get your grandma and your baby brother into gaming. I doubt we’ll see any Call of Duty type games, serious stuff. There really isn’t a way to control them. Kickball looked like fun for maybe half an hour. The Painting game looked pretty weak.

Milo, though…that was freaking weird. The conference took a turn for the surreal when the next big game from Peter Molyneux was revealed to be a schoolboy conversation simulator. Next gen "Hey You Pikachu"? Seems like it from here. But, ignoring the cynic in me, this could be awesome for the right genres. Imagine an adventure game? Or selecting commands in an RPG? What could Itagaki do with this on the next DOA: Beach Volleyball…heh heh.

-What about the bad? There really wasn’t much "bad", to be honest. Microsoft is still pushing the social aspects of Live, with Facebook and Twitter support. Honestly, I don’t care about this because if I want to check my Facebook I will just use a computer like a normal person.

Also, what is up with Microsoft’s constant rolling out of celebrities? The 2 remaining Beatles, Tony Hawk, Steven Spielberg…it was cool to see them but most of the time they didn’t have much to say.


So, Bitmobbers….opinions?