Dear BitMobbers,

          As most of the gaming world own’s at least Guitar Hero something, Rock band or even a singing game of sorts.  It has come to my attention that Microsoft might have done something right for once. 

        Going on a very tiny limb, but the only way I have seen the new LIPS game advertised was you can use your old Mics to work with this game.  Now unlike the other games out there they promote the games by saying buy our latest instruments for better performance.  Not trying to down any other game out there, but as a father who hates shelling out for a new guitar, mics & drums.  I love this idea that it was advertised this way.

        No I am not sure where I read or seen this so I can’t provide that proof, but think about it.  So if LIPS can pull this off for about two or three years then release better mics my daughter will be set.  For her being 16 and enjoys hearing herself sing this is a good outlet for her. 

      Yes you can use the guitars in the different games, but really don’t you just want to use the one prescribed for it?  Knowing most people do that is why I think this fad if it keeps shelling out new instruments every year people will get tired of this new sensation faster.  Unless they take a Rockband 2 approach and just continue with DLC and nothing else for a while. 

      Since E3 is upon us I am going to continue to watch the forums and drool over all the great information this week.  have a great gaming day.


             Toby  (ATC)