All right, brief introductions and then let’s get this show on the road.

According to my birth certificate,  I’m Robert M.F. Stoneback, or RobertMostlyFamous. There’s a small chance some of you may know me on by my far less creative user name "GuyNamedBob," but I really haven’t made myself known at that site at this time. I’m hoping to change that in the future, both at 1up and here at BitMob. I am not looking to light the world on fire with my mad writing skills, though that would be a nice plus. What I’m hoping is to have fun writing some game-related blogs and stories and get involved with the community. The whole Internet community thing is new to me, but I’m working on coming out of my shell a bit.

Anyway, I’ll start by posting some articles I wrote for the video game column I wrote in my college’s newspaper. The column was "The Game Box," and the newspaper was Shippensburg University’s "The Slate." I also served as an editor on the staff, which means I get very picky about things like sentence structure and story flow. Some of these articles appeared on my 1up blog, but I thought I would have a better chance of other people reading them here. After I’ve posted those, I have few other project I’ve been working that I’d like to cut my teeth with. 

So, that’s me. Hope you stick around and have as much fun as I will!