After their E3 Press Breifing, Microsoft announced their own video game rental service where gamers can rent games from the comfort of their own couch. This seems in response to the GDC announcement of OnLive, which allows cloud streaming of games, stright to a box or computer. It seems that the next evolution of games is online rental, which seems dated. Brick and mortar movie and game rental stores are on the way out and MS wants to take their place in the online arena. Microsoft is trying to steal a piece of GameFly’s online rental pie, but can they be successful? I don’t even think that this will ever be successful, as it allows Microsoft to nickel and dime you just to play games. Also, Microsoft is most likely going to charge at a discount, but not the same discount that you can get with buying a game used. I don’t think that the world is ready for a download rental service of games. It took a while for Netflix to get off the ground, this won’t take off for another year or so when Internet connections are faster adnd the infrastructure is in place to download games.