Hello Bitmobbers, back with another update of the community podcast, Pixel Revolt. Over the past couple of days, I've gotten questions from a few of you for some more details on how to submit your audio clips for the show and overall just how to get involved. For those of you who missed it, the question for this week is:

What setting (time and place) would you most like to see a video game take place in?

Now, in order to keep from having a computer on 24/7 signed into Skype, at least for now we have dropped the Skype voicemail method of audio clip submission. Listed below are the two methods that you can get involved with our question of the week:

Method 1 – Audio File (thanks to Demian Linn for suggesting)

1. Head over to Houndbite.com

2. Sign up for an account (quick and painless)

3. Record an audio clip on your computer and upload it to Houndbite

4. Email the link to the audio clip to PixelRevoltDL (at) gmail.com.


Method 2 – Email Submission

1. Simply send an email to PixelRevoltDL (at) gmail.com


We're hoping to get as many entries as possible so we can put together a great show. Hope all of you are looking forward to this anywhere near as much as we are!

As always, you can get show updates and ask any more questions you have in the comment section or on our twitter feed @pixelrevolt