intel-rock-starsIntel is showing off a number of cool research projects today at its research day event in Santa Clara, Calif. But the coolest of all is a project called ScienceSim, which is an effort to create interconnected 3-D virtual worlds that scientists can use for experiments.

The worlds will be able to connect to each other as needed, says Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner.

The company will debut the effort, in concert with university researchers, at the SuperComputing 09 conference later this year. The idea is to create a prototype of what Rattner says will become the “3D Internet.” The research platform will focus on immersive scientific collaboration and will be based on the OpenSim technology.

Today’s event at the Computer History Museum is smaller than Intel’s research days of past years, but Intel continues to spend billions of dollars on research every year. Rattner says the projects are a sampling of the work by 1,000 researchers in 10 different locations around the world.

We’ll write a wrap-up post at the end of the day with a focus on the event’s most interesting projects.