iphone-lineWe’ve had a slew of coverage of the iPhone 3G S today and the iPhone 3.0 software launch on Wednesday. Here’s a wrap-up of the key news:

— Today’s launch of the iPhone 3G S at Apple’s San Francisco Stockton Street store went smoother than the launch of the iPhone 3G last year. The block-long line was shorter, but online pre-registration and no activation problems made it easier on fans.

We were there at 7 am to video the line. Check it out here.

— Cleve Nettles at 9 to 5 Mac put together a tethering tutorial for the latest iPhone 3.0 software. It walks you through the process of using the iPhone to connect your computer to the Internet.

— A Sirius/XM satellite radio app is now available on the iPhone.

— We put together five tips for those buying iPhones for business.

— The iPhone demographics are expanding beyond the geek market.

AT&T is improving the upgrade pricing for the iPhone.

— The iPhone 3G S’s new map features proved good news for some startups, bad news for others.

— Just what exactly is inside the iPhone 3G S and what does it mean for important apps such as games?

3G S video has a cool auto-focus feature.

— We put together a guide to the stuff that doesn’t yet work on an iPhone 3G with 3.0 software.

— One of the coolest new games arriving is Doom Resurrection from id Software. You can expect much better games overall for the iPhone 3.0 and the iPhone 3G S.

TwitterFone and TwitVid are iPhone videos to Twitter.

You can also find a roundup of announcements Apple made about the iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference here.

[photo credit: line in NYC. Caroline McCartney/CNET]

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