apple-insider-imageThe usual glitches are back. Apparently it can take a couple of days to activate a new iPhone 3G S due to a heavy backlog.

Last year, customers fumed at the time it took to activate their iPhone 3G phones after launch day. Now, the same thing is happening as you plug your iPhone 3G S into a computer and try to sync it with iTunes. A message from Apple warns, “Your activation may take additional time to complete. Due to current activation volumes, it may take up to 48 hours to resolve your issue.”

While AT&T and Apple clearly knew what they were getting into this time, they still don’t seem to have fixed the process of making customers happy from the very beginning of ownership. This may subside in a few days, but somehow you have to believe they can do better. Maybe by the time the iPhone 4Z, or whatever they call it, arrives.

[photo credit: Apple Insider]

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