We’re back with fully-fledged CO-OP episodes (which happens when you have a season premiere, or so I’m told). We’re not usually into theme shows, but thanks to the crazy random happenstance of the game-release schedule, we bring you the unintentional comparison of three games that all take very different approaches to the term “sandbox.” What would happen if someone tried to play all of these at once, I wonder? Watch the video after the jump.

CO-OP Episode 1



First, Prototype. Will Tuttle (GameSpy) and Anthony Gallegos (GameSpy and Eat-Sleep-Game) join JayFresh in a rather candid discussion of the game’s successes and, unfortunately, its several faults.

Infamous, on the other hand, seems more universally loved in spite of its rough edges. Anthony jumps in on this one, again, joined by his RebelFM cohort, Tyler Barber, to chat with Matt about what makes this urban shocker (har har) such a delight.

Finally, in what may be one of the biggest surprises of the year (so far), Red Faction: Guerrilla adds two parts jammazing to one heaping gallon of explosion-sauce to create what Matt, John Davison (What They Play), and (rounding out the RebelFM/Eat-Sleep-Game cast) Arthur Geis agree to be a recipe for a game so fun it’s difficult to do it justice in one, brief segment. Yes, I’m biased since this is my personal favorite, but I’d say that if you can only get one of these games, go with Guerrilla.

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