We’re kinda insulted we weren’t asked to participate in the Game Critics Awards best of E3 2009 picks. Don’t they know who we are? Oh, they don’t? Oops. Nevermind.

News Blips:

Game Critics Awards

Criticize Game Critics Awards best of E3 2009 picks. While we like to think our non-award awards are far more legit, we guess we gotta respect the 29 publications and websites that helped select Uncharted 2: Among Thieves as the Game Critics Awards best of show at this year’s E3. Shame our pick, Style Savvy, wasn’t even nominated, though. But what do you expect from a selection committee who chose a game where the main character sports a half-tucked t-shirt? Seriously, guys — pitiful. [Game Critics Awards]

Fake skateboard can also be fake other things. Sure, we’ll admit the newfangled skateboard gizmo that comes with the upcoming Tony Hawk Ride looks cool, but what happens after you’ve had your wheel-less skateboard fix? Well, developer Robomodo says they plan to incorporate other sports with the doohickey, too. Like, say, surfing. Oh, and snowboarding. And, uh, what else can you do on that thing? Uh. Hmm. OK, we got it: Snowsurfboarding. Boom. We’re geniuses. [Videogamer.com]

Pre-order Tekken 6 and get tubular bonus. Seriously, brah — if you pre-order Tekken 6 at GameStop, you get a code to download a cardboard tube-sporting costume for Yoshimitsu. Oh, and a calendar. But that’s just paper on the ‘tube. [1UP]

Winners don’t use drugs because they don’t know how to make them properly. You’d think a game like Grand Theft Auto 4 would be privy to the creation of drugs, but apparently the meth recipe in the game is totally bogus. Uh, wish we knew this before we sold our shipment to the Russian mafia. Gulp. [GamePolitics]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including a 30 second role-playing game, ghost-watching on the DSi, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog berating gamers, and…more.


Video Blips:

MAG dev dairy makes us long for 255 new friends. We’re currently taking friend applications if interested.


Play this role-playing game longer than 30 seconds and you will die. Seriously — that’s how the bizarro gameplay works in Half-Minute Hero.


See fake ghosts in real life thanks to DSi game Ghostwire. Don’t worry — we already called them.


Cultural Blip:

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog makes fun of game nerds. Here’s a clip of the the infamous hand-puppet making fun of gamers (and disgusting hippies) at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.



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