Dear BitMobbers,

           After listening to MobCast 8 I really got to thinking last night.  Part of one of there questions is what do you do in the game industry.  Now I want to take this and change it up to read.  What if any thing would your dream job in the video game industry be?

       You can answer out loud or keep it to yourself.  Seriously though has anyone ever dreamt of working on games, writing for games or anything else dealing with games?  I know I wont ever get my dream to come true, but it is good to dream.

       So my dream job in video games would be working as a Community Manager for a game developer.  With all the jobs out there I choose this one due to the complex situations they have to deal with.  This is the one job that really intrigues me to know end.   They are kinda like cloak and dagger group of people who do great work.  Main reason is they work with the gamer to provide them great information when they can.  I know I am not doing the description justice, but this is my dream job.

        I could not see myself in a suit job like VP of something or another.  I just think they only grasp for money after awhile to fit there life style.  Not having much talent in art, technical or anything else limits me.  Then again I could go to school for all those things to get better.  Really though one of the first thoughts as a child was to be a writer, but honestly writers can keep that job.  As much as I enjoy reading, I think it would take the fun out of games if I wrote about them often.  

    Have a great gaming day.


                   Toby (ATC)