Written by Nicky

A bicycle by a wall, a quiet city, nothing more, a quiet city about to ripped apart in a breathtaking opening scene, thus begins infamous, Sucker Punch’s new game that pits the player as Cole, a super conducted super hero against the game’s many gangs endemic to Empire City.

Back in 2002 Sucker Punch games released what was to be a cult classic for the PS2, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Now in 2009, they are releasing a game that is a huge departure for the cell shaded anthromorphic racoon adventure. That game is InFamous

As we begin our journey through the ashes of an explosion, we are witness to the beginnings of a new Empire City, one that is not like any other large city, it is now, a city infested with super powered gangs, blackouts, random zip lines and most of all, Cole the protagonist (or antagonist, the choice is yours). The player starts off following Zeke, the annoying side kick, through the alleys of Empire City, hereafter we have out first taste of The Reapers, the neon district’s main enemy. The Ai of enemies is quite good, with enemies ganging up on the player and also sneaking around to get a better shot, they also have a tendency to hide behind NPC cars forcing, the player to risk health by getting closer to the enemy. Frequently the player will be swamped by huge amounts of enemies attacking at once, keeping battles long and interesting.


Empire City, the once sprawling metropolis at the centre of InFamous, is beautifully designed and the buildings that comprise the skyline are composed of just enough windows and pipes to allow ease of climbing but subtle as to not look out of place and strange, however as well designed as Empire City is, there are a few glaring faults in design, one so obvious it is strange how the developers allowed it to slip by. Fences, simple steel fences, Empire City is not free of them, but developers have made them the chief annoyance of InFamous, one is not able to scale fences and during missions that require speed this becomes a glaring annoyance and is surprising how Sucker Punch have allowed to Cole to scale everything in sight, yet have overlooked fences. Another annoyance within the world of InFamous is how many areas have simply been copied and pasted to different locations around Empire City.

Ah the game play, parts Assassins Creed, parts Crackdown, it’s not terribly new but it works very well and the fun factor is through the roof, not to mention the main part of the game, lightning, this power makes the game play refreshing and fun, the numerous power up may not be genius but the fact one can play with lightning makes up for that straight away. As I mentioned, there are power up’s and that also means you get different power up’s for different style’s of play, good or bad (your choice). If you are playing good, power ups are designed to minimize destruction and casualties, if bad however, the opposite occurs with destruction being the name of the game. Another plus that the good/evil system brings is, when you proceed far enough within the game, posters are put up along the walls of Empire City’s buildings, depending on what way you play, these posters can portray Cole as an evil dictator like villain or God like hero.


Overall, inFamous is a building block to what could be a great and long series, if they decide to expand upon. Graphics are strong, game play is fun and enticing and the story albeit confusing is fun to follow and always leave you wanting more.

Fan-Boy-Buy it-8

Core-Buy it-8

Casual-Buy it-8