Mega64 Version 2

Mega64–a group of video game fans and theatre buffs, had become fairly well-known by the time their second DVD had released.  Like Mega 64: Version 1, Version 2 continues the wacky plot featuring a mad scientist named Dr. Poque, who created a console called the Mega64 that brought video games to life.  He’s up to his usual antics, but this time you gain more insight into why Poque may be carrying out his devious schemes.  Poque’s usual sidekicks: the powder-blue tracksuit sporting, Horatio, and the tie-wearing puppet, Marcus, make a return. Their slaves, Rocco, Derrick, and Sean, also make repeat appearances.  Throughout the discs’ six episodes, these characters are joined by a whole circus of freak shows.  The returning characters are well-developed, and have significantly improved their acting skills.  Even the new characters are welcome additions to Mega64, but none of these folks compare to the legendary Horatio or Mega64’s video game skits.

If you bought or are considering buying the DVD, you’re probably interested in both the video game parodies (many of which are available for free online) and Mega64’s central storyline.  Most people are attracted to Mega64 because of their seemingly abstract video game parodies, so I will cover those in great depth.

While Mega 64: Version 1 included a fair amount of entertaining videos, Version 2 takes it to a whole ‘nother level.  It starts out with the infamous Paper Boy skit that became so well-regarded that you can now find a snapshot of this skit plastered on a t-shirt.  Here’s the gist of what happens: Imagine coming home late at night from the bar (or your graveyard shift).  You’re driving your truck in a residential area; then all of the sudden, you see a dozen people in the street that would make a circus look tame.  They’re juggling pins that are on fire, biking in the middle of the street, rolling tires, and are break dancing.  This posse that is more out of control than anything you’ll find on Jerry Springer keeps the truck from moving for six minutes.  Finally, this obviously confused man drives off and waves.  There was no middle finger, no yelling, and no fighting.  This creative video didn’t end with the same result as many of Mega64’s skits, but its humor was befitting of the brand name.

[video: 425×344]

Well, Paper Boy is an entertaining skit, but it has nothing on Dig Dug.  I am ashamed to say that I’ve never played Dig Dug, but the short gameplay video before the actual parody clearly illustrates the concept of the game: When the music is going, you’re supposed to maneuver your character.  After the music stops, you want to remain motionless (kind of like Red Light, Green Light).  So, you’re probably wondering how the Mega64 crew managed to make this simplistic concept funny in real life.  Well, they did it by taking a little liberty with Dig Dug’s character.  Derrick decided to don a blue tracksuit and motorcycle helmet with speakers attached.  He would blare music that could be heard by the public and run around; then, he would come to a halt after he pressed the stop button on his seemingly invisible iPod.  Derrick  ran in circles in fast food restaurants, parking lots, clothing stores, libraries, and offices, and managed to freeze on occasion.  As a result of his antics, Derrick garnered several unusual looks, crazy laughs, and menacing stares.  My favorite scene was when he ran in between two cars in a parking lot.  Derrick ran around for a bit, then stopped for what seemed like two minutes (even after a car honked).  Someone opened a car door to get his attention, but he still remained motionless.  Finally, one of the cars just turned around and drove off.  Derrick didn’t cause anyone to resort to fisticuffs, but he probably came awfully close.

[video: 425×344]

These videos may sound humorous, but have you ever seen a human-sized hot dog fight with an angry chef slamming his hamburger on the ground?  Welcome to Burger Time.  In this skit, Rocco strolls confidently into a fine fast-food establishment with his chef garb.  He then orders a hamburger without pickles.  Rocco receives his burger, then yells, "There are pickles in this," and slams it on the ground.  He proceeds to pound it with his first, when suddenly, a life-sized hot dog ambushes him from behind.  He tackles Rocco, and they engage in a brawl in front of customers and fast-food employees.  The manager gets angry, so they exited that fine establishment and took their fight outside.  The chef and wiener then continue their brawl in front of high school kids that are soon laughing.  Finally, Rocco ends his epic duel with the evil hot dog in front of some construction workers.  They clap, and Rocco goes home happy, bragging about how he gave the hot dog a "knuckle-sandwich." 

There are many other excellent videos over the course of these two discs, but the last I’ll describe is everyone’s favorite pervy DS game: Feel The Magic.  In Feel The Magic, you’re able to utilize the DS’ built in mic to talk to "your" girl.  Telling her, "I love you" boosts her self-esteem, so Sean took it upon himself to spread love to all the girls of the San Diego streets.  He runs around with a black ski-mask and a blue jacket yelling, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOUUUUUU!" to all females in site.  Unsurprisingly, every woman tries to avoid him or ignores him, but he does pick up a guy’s Frisbee that drifted from its original destination.  Sean forces this long-haired dude to say, "I love you" multiple times, and then he finally decides to hand it back, while saying, "Oh.  You’re a guy.  Never mind."  It’s a short video, but it’s quite funny.

[video: 425×344]

So you’ve now heard about a small sampling of the videos contained on Mega64: Version 2, but what are the other videos?  They include: Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Boy, Burger-Time, Feel the Magic, Ghosts & Goblins, Ico, California Games, Dig Dug, Luigi’s Mansion, Seaman, Grand Theft Auto 3, Mappy, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, River City Ransom, Hitman, Katamari Damacy, River City Ransom, Donkey Konga, Altered Beast, and fictional games like SSX Sucky and No More Pills for Poppy.  I’m sure that I’m forgetting a couple skits, but these two discs contain a massive amount of video content–enough to satisfy any video game fan.  The Resident Evil 4 skit is a Mega64 fan-favorite, so make sure to check it out here:

[video: 425×344]

*To find out what happens to Rocco, buy the DVD and check out the bonus features.

Most of the above videos will surely give you many "LOL" moments, but this DVD is also a worthy purchase because of its humorous plot.  At the conclusion of Version 1, Dr. Poque had pressed the reset button on the Mega64 after Sean nearly thwarted his evil plans, and as a result, Rocco and Derrick found themselves trapped in Dr. Poque’s underground lair, once again.  Throughout the adventure, they’re forced to test the Mega64’s various games, free the rotund doctor from a mystery organization’s clutches, and keep the messenger, Sean, company.  Their antics are humorous as usual, but the real stars of the show are Marcus and Horatio.  In Version 2, Marcus is even more of a ladies’ man (or ladies’ puppet), and he often ruins the good doctor’s plans.  He invites girls over, meets his ex-girlfriend by chance, plays in a band, and severs an annoying hacker’s hands.  Horatio is even more hilarious.  He hides a cake in his pants, steals Dr. Poque’s goods, and takes Marcus on a date when instructed to "Take him out."  Even better than this humorous public date between a puppet and wannabe gangster is Dr. Poque’s meeting with an Internet girlfriend.  Horatio makes a bet that Dr. Poque can’t even get an Internet girlfriend, so the portly doctor spends time wooing a girl that goes by the alias of Sexy Mermaid.  He buys a nice steak dinner, but Horatio and Marcus ruin his date, so Dr. Poque invites her to his home for a bag of Cheetos and Hot Pockets on a plate.  Long story short, it doesn’t go well.  I don’t want to give too much away, but there is enough variety in this DVD to make it a worthwhile purchase. 

Mega64 :Version 2 features nearly three hours of humorous content, without counting bonus features– all for the price of a downloadable game.  There’s also behind the scenes footage of the production of Version 2, and you’ll discover the aftermath of what occurred after pissing off various residents of the fine city of San Diego.  If you don’t own any of the Mega64 DVDs, this is the one to purchase.  Besides, why not get warmed up before the eventual release of Version 3 later this year?