Editor's Note: The community podcast strikes back! Derek, Jeff, and Brett have taken the 'cast out of beta and bring us the first "official" episode. Take a listen to find out plans for the first Bitmob community meet-up next month. -Greg

Hello Bitmobbers!

We're back with our official first episode of Pixel Revolt. Derek Lavigne, Jeff Grubb, and Brett Bates return to bring you another delve into the Bitmob community. Here's a rundown of what we have in store this week:

Section 1 – In the spirit of the Mobcast, each of us bring one community article to the table to highlight and discuss. Here are the articles we chose this week.

How To Introduce Your Significant Other to Games by Alex R. Cronk-Young

MMO Class Ideas I Hope are Never in an MMO by Scott Haveman

Forgetting How to Read by Will Gillam

Section 2 –  From there we go right into our answers to the community question "What is your favorite multiplayer gaming memory?" Thanks to everyone who submitted their answers as we got a lot of great ones this week.

Our question for next episode is going to be "What is your favorite 'Holy Crap' gaming memory?" If you want instructions on how to get involved you can go to here

To wrap up the show, we discuss the upcoming adventure Jeff and Derek are making to San Francisco, and just how much Jeff is looking forward to the Rice-a-Roni. Oh, and also we talk about the Bitmob Community Meet-Up on July 10 and the following adventure to California Extreme the next day.

Hope everyone enjoys!


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