Prototype is simply one of the most satisfying action game I have played since Ninja Gaiden II. Playing Prototype when you’re not roaming around town, especially during the story bits, is like constantly being in the NGII Trials of Valor. You are being attacked from all directions by an endless stream of  enemies fighting for dear life. Everything is exploding around you in sea of fire, blood and body parts. Doing so is especially satisfying because of the array of weapons and skills that are available to you via an experience/upgrade system. It is unfortunate that Radical didn’t do a better job balancing the powers though because some are clearly better than others. Despite that, I have had to alternate a bit to accommodate different situations so its not like Alex Mercer (the player) is a one trick pony. While the powers are over the top to maximize the gore and slaughter,  don’t start thinking its a walk in the park because it isn’t. The game itself is challenging and you can further adjust the difficulty between easy, normal and hard at the start of a new game. While the side missions are optional and generally not too difficult, they do get harder. The story missions do a good job spicing things up with less redundant objectives and by keeping up the pressure. 

What is unique about the way the story is told is that you learn about what is happening by consuming select individuals and thus acquiring their memories. This opens up a brief monologue of what they know about the conflict. The graphics aren’t the hottest I’ve seen, but I figure this is what we have to accept when we can interact with so much of the environment lag free. I think its  also important to note that the city is not static; more and more of the city looks drenched in blood and the buildings are on fire as you progress through the story.

This is not a game with a deep plot and characterization and it doesn’t try to be. This is a game about f-ing shit up and it does it very well. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, Alex Mercer is in the middle of it and your job is to sort it all out with extreme prejudice.


People who like games like Madworld and Ninja Gaiden II will really get a kick out of this.