We’re glad the 360 is becoming more like a personal computer. All it needs is porn, and our PC’s will be obsolete. Haha! Just kidding. That’s digusting. Plus, the hard drive isn’t big enough. Ahem.

News Blips:


Analyst thinks E3 social networking announcements more important than spastic limb-waving. Outspoken videogame analyst Michael Pachter told Gamasutra that Microsoft’s biggest announcement at E3 wasn’t its motion-control doohickey Project Natal, but the reveal of social sites Facebook, Twitter, and Last.fm. We gotta agree. Tweeting about playing videogames on a videogame console is like a game, but waaay better. [Gamasutra]

Jack White hates making money, blames gamers. Snobby White Stripes frontman Jack White recently complained about having to put his music in Guitar Hero. Well, Jack, we hate listening to your music. It’s so boring — you don’t even push any buttons. [Eurogamer]

World of WarCraft pride march makes us gay. All you happy folks out there probably know June is Gay Pride month, but you may not have known about a special World of WarCraft pride march that went down a few months ago. Sounded fun, but it’s a shame they didn’t wait to schedule it during the official month-long celebration. Guess calendars are rare loot in Azeroth. [GayGamer]

Aye Carumba: AAA Lucha Libre videojuego coming to America? Really? Yes, really — Mexico’s long-running Lucha Libre fed is getting its own game, AAA: El Videojuego, thanks to upstart publisher Slang. For those of you (other than Mexico/Michael Donahoe) who care about Mexican wrestling. Yep, no one — just like we thought. [GameSpot]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including intel on Alpha Protocol, random Gary Busey laughter, a old-timey PS3, and…more.


Video Blips:

Alpha Protocol dev diary makes you feel like a spy. Fake beard not included.


Gary Busey laughing at Saint’s Row 2 DLC. Sold?


Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! This Japanese game is weird.


Cultural Blip:

Steampunk PS3

Water-powered PlayStation 3 looks hot. Check out this steampunk-inspired PS3 that was made for a Damnation contest. [GameSetWatch]


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