Dear BitMobbers,

       The reason for the title is I got the latest OXM in the mail.  Now I am not one to go out and buy every magazine, but I initially got this subscription due to the OXM Universe that didn’t pan out.  So I am nearing the end of my subscription or at least that is what the envelope that comes with is telling me.  Here I am just going to compare a few things and if I leave anything else out sorry about that.  


       I am starting with this one since I don’t subscribe to this one.  Breaking it down you can get most of the stuff at the PSN store.  So why the 24.99 subscription a year or how ever much it costs.  Now I can say that 24.99 has gotten people I know into Beta’s like uncharted 2.  As well as free game downloads you can play instead of buying.  Now these free games may not be the "IT" game, but free game is better then no game.  Really No articles to read or opinons you don’t care about for the most part.  How ever I am not totally convinced of this yet, but I think digital distribution like this is really the begining.  Yes it does suck that it takes up space on your hard drive and sometimes you may not even like what is on the download as well.  


     So why should I gove OXM more money?  So I get a magazine once a month with a disc.  Yes I get a printed magazine to read in the Mens room.  Now I have to say that I think the magazine is going down hill.  Really though I may have proof, but it is my own opinion though.  Take the reviews section of this alst issue.  Why is someone going to write a half page article on a 6.0 game when a 7.0 game (UP) only gets 1/4 page article?  Really I would rather read about the higher score game.  A review can not be summarized in quarter page increments by any means even if the game is bad.  As far as disc content goes that is really comparable to Qore IMO.  This really is only use full to people with out the internet and want to play the demo’s.  Everyonce in awhile you may get a free theme or old piece of DLC that is for a game no one really plays anymore.  Yes there are those microsoft only exclusive games that really shine for OXM if they can get the exclusive before say someone like IGN or PC Gamer.  


     Comparing the free stuff from Qore to OXM I think a free game is better then any Premium theme that can be given.  Now on the other hand since OXM has the disc for games and with the PSN you have to download it really hinders people with no internet connection.  So at this point I wont be renewing my subscription nor paying for Qore at this time.  Either one of these companies needs to rethink how they are doing this and try something new.   

    You all may or may not agree with this comparision and if I forgot something please leave a comment.  Will be happy to have a discussion.  Have a great gaming day.        


    Toby (ATC)