FuckedCompany.com creator joins Charles River Ventures — Philip Kaplan (right) has joined the firm as entrepreneur in residence to evaluate investment projects in online advertising, consumer-facing internet products and social media. TechCrunch has more.

Google fixes up Chrome — The search company has released a new version of the browser remedying a buffer flow vulnerability that would allow anyone to run arbitrary code with the permission of another user.

Chris Anderson: Plagiarizer? — Wired editor Chris Anderson has been accused of lifting about a dozen passages verbatim from uncredited sources in his new book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price” by the Virginia Quarterly Review. Here’s the publication’s case.

IBM rallies battery developers — The company plans to bring together the key players in energy storage and advanced battery technology to form a consortium with the goal of developing rechargeable batteries that can store 10 times as much as today’s lithium-ion packs, specifically designed for electric vehicle applications.

Hospital defends Jobs liver transplant — Today the hospital where Steve Jobs had his secret surgery confirmed that it in fact took place, and justified his receipt of the liver by explaining that he was the sickest patient on the donor organ waiting list at the time. Some have questioned whether the decision to give Jobs the liver was completely ethical.

More developers choosing Ruby — According to a new study, use of Ruby among North American developers has jumped 40 percent this year so far.

Microsoft drains Yahoo’s brains — Yahoo executive Kevin Timmons is the third employee from the search giant to join Microsoft’s staff recently, on top of about 10 who jumped ship previously. TechFlash has the details.

New York Times to charge mobile readers? — The newspaper says it may begin to charge a subscription fee for users who read its content on their mobile devices because they allow for less advertising than the web site. Bloomberg has the story.

Kawasaki hit by Twitter porn hack — High-profile entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki and many other Twitter users recently fell victim to a hack directing people to a sex tape starring Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester and various other pornographic sites.

Oracle beats out Q4 predictions
— The company reported earnings of $2.3 billion (about 46 cents per share) on $6.9 billion in sales in the fourth quarter of 2008, surpassing Wall Street’s forecast of 44 cents per share on $6.47 billion in sales.