As most of you know when Electronic Gaming Monthly was dismanteled the part where they had your address got sold to Maxim, and you probably have already started getting what passes for a "mens" magazine. I got one issue last week with the sticker on it, and another this week sans sticker. The day the issue with the sticker showed up I tore the cover off of it and took it to the post office so it would go as fast as possible to wherever it needed to be to stop this refuse from being delivered to my mailbox. But Maxim got me good. Somehow they’ve managed to get into me for two magazines I never asked for.

I don’t know about anyone else but the way this should have been handled is to send me, not a magazine, but a buisiness reply card where I can check Yes I’d like Maxim in place of EGM or No I want a prorated refund and then I can mail it back. Instead just to inform me that my money is being spent on something I don’t want they take some of it to get that message to me, and then before the letter even has time to cross the country I get more of whatever is left taken. 

Honestly, and this has been stated before it’s not my original thought, this magazine is idiotic, it’s like a publication for people who are afraid to look at a totally naked woman. I don’t subscribe to any magazines that feature women in various states of undress as a selling point, but if I did it wouldn’t be Maxim, FHM or any of this other softcore porn/lowest common denomenator garbage. The writing is awful and half of the magazine is taken up with rating women. I don’t need anyone else to tell me who’s attractive. My local newspaper has more games coverage than Maxim, who thought this would be a good fit?

 Oh, wait, I know. The publishers of Maxim must play Halo 3. It all makes sense now…