Most action movie genres have seen more than their fair share of gaming allusions. The Western, historically, has been sadly underreprented. The powers that be (also known as “game developers”) seem to be rectifying that this year, and the first of the breed to make its way into our yearning grip is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Boasting beauty as well as grit, it’s a trek that JayFresh and I loved, while Cesar considered it an example of a good direction to go in gaming, even though it wasn’t a complete success.

It’s small wonder that in anticipation of the full game’s release, Bitmob’s own Greg “Mr. Awesome” Ford, Tyler Barber, and JayFresh were eager to jump into the multiplayer beta for Uncharted 2. It seemed a pleasant surprise all around.

Ryan, one of the unfortunate ones to contract the Plague while in France, is still down for the count. At least he has his iPhone and the opportunities it affords, not the least of which is the most-excellent Star Defense. It may seem a small wonder that there’s yet another tower-defense game on the iPhone, but this one offers unique twists that make it more than worth your while. Video and download links after the jump!

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