Figuring out backwards compatibility sure is confusing. Just ask fellow Bitmobber Andrew Hiscock.

News Blips:


• Possibly play Sony games on a Sony console. Back when the PS3 first launched in 2006, it was possible to also play PS2 games due to the inclusion of the Emotion Engine chip. Then Sony fried that feature. Now it looks like a recently filed patent may be bring it back via emulation, meaning newer PS3’s may once again be able to play any PS2 game. In the meantime, you could, oh, y’know, buy a PS2. We hear those play all PS2 games, too. [Siliconera]

• NPD suggests women turning into nerds at a rapid rate. Statistics group NPD released a report stating female gaming is on the rise due to the Wii, DS, and babyz. To all you ladies reading this, get a frickin’ life, nerds. [1UP]

• China ban greatest money-making idea of all time: gold farming. Seriously, who OKed this? China will soon be banning all videogame gold farming transactions that don’t happen in-game. Now we’re not farmers or anything, but if you can grow gold, why the hell would you stop that? Money doesn’t grow on trees, China. It grows on farms, idiots. [informationweek]

• Everlasting love announces Fable 3 prematurely. The New York Times is announcing Fable 3 via another announcement, one for a wedding between game developer Joshua Samuels Atkins and his bride-to-be Amy E. Gilbert. If this is true, more developers should get married and stupidly disclose unannounced games they’re working on. Hear that Miyamoto? Time to make some babyz. [Eurogamer]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including StarCraft 2 multiplayer info, a bizarro Japanese Xbox commercial, Mortal Kombat stars on Jerry Springer, and…more.

Video Blips:
• Learn about StarCraft 2 multiplayer via developer chit chat. Main point of interest: You can play against other people.

• Captain Blood looks familiar. At least it’s not a game about a war between gods or anything.

•  Now this is how you sell the Xbox in Japan. We, uh, think…

Cultural Blip:

• Civil Kombat: Jax appears on Jerry Springer. Yep, watch the classic arm-ripper get into trouble on an old episode of Springer.