Videogames are one of my favorite pastimes. I have been playing them for as long as I can remember, and my dream retirement involves lots of time, games, and a nice fat broadband connection. Yet my fear is that my hands will not last that long. By the time I retire my hands will have been playing games for 60 years!!! If I do not have severe arthritis by then I will be surprised.

Microsoft seems to recognize this growing fear of mine, and they are trying to solve it with Project Natal. Finally, finger dexterity will not be required to play a game, and I can plan my retirement without fears of crippled hands!

Now the only thing that will stop me from playing games until my timely death is a loss of limbs. And now this is the big concern of mine. I am staying clear of large machinery, crazy people with swords, and flesh eating viruses. Thank you Microsoft for ensuring my retirement will be a happy one.