Everyone has seen a Baseball, Football, and Hockey cards.  Seriously though why can’t Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC & Everyone else all colaberate to make Video Game Cards.   Let me just say now this wont be a Trading Card Game like Magic the Gathering.

Take for example everyone pulls a total of 160 games that are different from all era’s of the gaming.  Depending on the game they can either make it a common card that is in almost every pack or give them the class of being rare, ultra rare and even super rare.  There are so many ways this can be set up and distributed.  The pictures on the cards can be a screen shot or even just the box art of the game.  Just need to keep it standard though.  

 Back of the cards will have normal stuff like stats.  Date it was released and by who.  Any kind of notes that may be interesting to that game.  Yes even the sucky games need notes as well.  As well as what number it is out of the series.

 I like collecting cards from time to time.  Well this is one card series that really has not been thought of.  Maybe one day we will see something like this come out.