Nintendo should really take some risks with their franchises. Just look at what Sega has been doing with Sonic. It’s been working out great for them.

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The Legend of Zelda Wii

Big surprise: New Zelda will play like old Zelda. For a series that hasn’t really evolved all that much since it debuted over 20 years ago, you’d think the upcoming Wii Zelda would do things a tad bit different, right? Nah. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto told Nintendo Power the currently unnamed Zelda title will not be “radically different.” Guess that shoots down our hope to see a gun-toting Link saving Princess Zelda from evil Hyrule terrorists. [Aeropause]

Hollywood making a movie about asteroids called Asteroids. Yes, this movie is actually based on the classic Atari game Asteroids. Yes, it makes no sense. Yes, we’d rather have an Adventure movie, too. Yes, starting every sentence with “yes” is annoying. No, we won’t stop. Err, crap. [Kotaku]

Grease game for Wii/DS? Tell me more! Tell me more! Fine — it’s a party game being published by Paramount and 505 games. And you sing and dance to Grease songs. Can we move on now? Thanks. [GameSpot]
Hollywood just can’t kill it: Resident Evil movie reanimating again. It appears we’ll be getting a fourth Resident Evil flick as rumored internal memos at Sony Pictures state the movie will hit theaters next summer. Hey, at least it’s a better idea than a movie about an asteroid-destroying spaceship. [Kotaku]  
Hit the jump for some video blips, including a doc explaining why you should like Splinter Cell: Conviction, a Japanese pop star playing an evil Final Fantasy game, a really small SNES, and…more.

Video Blips:
Splinter Cell: Conviction developers think their game is good. Because maybe it is.
Japanese pop singer plays Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord. And somehow this makes us wanna buy it.
Tales of Monkey Island will make you arrarrarr. That’s pirate for “hahaha.”
Cultural Blip:
Portable SNES forgets the GameBoy Advance exists. Sure, this sleek portable Super Nintendo is cool, but, uh, we hope the modder who made this knows the GameBoy Advance plays most of the popular SNES games already. And requires 100% less construction. [technabob]

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