Ghostbusters is a well loved movie with a sequel and cartoon series. So I was intrigued by the new game. And while it is a pretty fun game it has some problems. First the A.I while helpful dies ALL THE F-ING time. This is really annoying most during the boss battles. I have the boss almost done and then my whole team dies. Great. Second while catching ghosts is fun it gets a little boring though the enemies change up a little. The weapons are pretty cool and they are spaced out pretty well during the whole game though the slime gun is used too much. I know I seem like I am bitching about it a lot but I did enjoy it a lot. While the story is weak the characters are funny and the whole setting in 1991 is fun. And capturing ghosts is fun mostly. The multiplayer is weak in that it’s just a ghost capturing mini-game. Still I would give the game a rental. I bought it but I feel weekend warriors will enjoy it more.