trulia-real-estate-logoTrulia, the real estate website backed by prominent venture firms Sequoia Capital and Accel, published some numbers today showing that despite continued problems in the housing market and the general economy, the San Francisco startup has been having a strong 2009.

That continues a pattern we’ve seen already, with Trulia claiming record traffic and revenue back in January — due in part to interest from investors looking for real estate deals. Now the company says that momentum has continued over the first six months of the year, with visits growing 40 percent compared to the same period in 2008. Trulia says it has seen 30 million unique visitors in the last six months, with property views up 83 percent and page views up 90 percent.

Zillow, the heavily-funded startup seen as Trulia’s closest competitor, has apparently been doing well too, with traffic up 67 percent during the last six months.

Third-party data services show traffic growth for both sites, too. Compete says Zillow is way ahead of Trulia, but both sites bounced back after a tumble following last fall’s financial meltdown. ComScore shows a much tighter race, with Trulia catching up to Zillow, with 2.85 million visitors in May compared to Zillow’s 2.74, after many months of the latter company holding the lead. (Trulia says both Compete and comScore are understating its traffic.) Presumably, this is a sign that the desire to find good information about real estate continues even when the market is terrible.

Trulia has raised more than $32 million in funding.