comcastbonnieBonnie Smalley, known as @comcastbonnie to Comcast customers who tweet for help, replies to hundreds of messages daily across several social networks. How does she get it done?

In a story I just wrote for the New York Times, I spoke to Smalley, Mashable founder Pete Cashmore, and other high-volume networkers to get their social network efficiency tips. Here’s a bullet-list version of their advice (follow the link above for the more detailed write-up):

  • Set an avatar. Don’t change it. Others will use it to find your posts. A photo of you is best, like the one Bonnie uses for @comcastbonnie.
  • Install Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop rather than using your browser for Twitter and Facebook.
  • If you can’t resist networking during work hours, install LeechBlock on Firefox and schedule it to disable Twitter, YouTube, and other time-eating sites during your workday.
  • Take notes! Keep a notepad app of some sort open on your computer desktop. Write down anything interesting before you forget it.
  • If you’re worried what others will see, use Twitter’s Protect my updates option to allow only users whom you personally authorize to read what you tweet. This is considered heresy by many Internet evangelists, but not everyone wants to be the Queen of Overshare.