twitter-googleIf you love something so much that you want to buy it, you shouldn’t profess your love for it to the world. It will just increase the price.

So it’s a little puzzling that Google, which probably wants to buy Twitter just because it’s hot, pointed out in a blog post today that the search giant has 45 different official accounts on Twitter. That’s a lot of love for the micro-blogging service. Google has accounts for everything, including for Arabic Tweets. There’s also, which advances Google’s goal of organizing all of the world’s data, even if its owners don’t want to liberate their data. And then there’s for policy issues that Google cares about in Italy. Meanwhile, Google executives keep talking about how it’s important for them to expand into real-time search.

Now if Google keeps up the love for Twitter, the founders at Twitter are just going to get more and more excited about how much Google will bid for them. If I were Google’s mergers and acquisitions negotiators, I’d start a Twitter account dubbed “Twitter is just so 2008.”