When i first picked up an EGM, about 8 years ago, at a friends house i knew right away that that was the magazine for me. EGM was the only gaming magazine iv’e read and enjoyed for 8 years, 8  YEARS! I’ve become accustomed to EGM over those 8 years, i know the humor, the way it covered games was phenomenal! like an old friend, it was comfortable, it made me understand games better,  and when ‘shoe’ left i couldn’t belive it because he was an integral part of the team. 

  I remember i usually couldn’t wait untill the 2nd of every month to actually get my grubby paws over it and awe over what news my favorite gaming journalism team could bring me. It was an awesome magazine, right now i have about a 3 foot stack of them in my living room, thats alot of magazines, but you know what they are worth every penny. What i’m trying to say is that without the informative, unbiased reviews, i think for almost 20 years EGM has defined and improved gaming as a whole. For something to last that long it has to be special, and it will always be special to me.