Is streaming really replacing downloading? An article in the Guardian UK says illegal file sharing has collapsed and been replaced by YouTube, Spotify and the like.

No, it’s not — Techdirt pores over the Guardian’s article with the Comb of Skepticism. Most important, key numbers in the report were estimated by geeks rather than measured by even geekier geeks.

Verizon wants to build its own app store — This means a program to woo developers. GigaOm lays out Verizon’s plan.

netbook1Netbooks headed for 20 percent of marketMobile Tech Today explains the connection between display size and market share.

The Space Internet moves forward in testing — Yeah, we could run this topic every week and you’d click. It’s not just far away, it’s freaking cold up there.

Ugandans look to mobile coverage for areas without electricity — More than a third of Ugandans own cellphones. In some areas, “cellphones could outnumber light bulbs.” Is that really true?

Study measures the chatter of the news cycle — The New York Times notes with dry surprise that traditional news media are ahead of blogs on news buzz.

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