Mainly I am using BioWare as my example of Developing practices that are not fair to me as a gamer.  Many of you all can tell me to go blow goats and I don’t know what I am talking about.  Really though BioWare out of all the other develoers did something that was really un called for.

     A few years ago went from making games to all the main consoles to just the top three.  Yes you read right as BioWare does not make the same games for the Wii.  Now with the main three consoles only two of them get all BioWare games.  With Mass Effect being a Microsoft exclusive this game is only limited to PC & Xbox 360.   So over time you see a transfer of power in the gaming force. 

     Once BioWare made the transition to do an exclusive game for Microsoft.  It should have done a different kind of exclusive for Sony as well.   I don’t know any of the talks on how BioWare works, but one thing my parents have taught me was that sharing is caring.  Some of you will say this is no big deal, but when you look at things like my last post about Mass Effect 2 on Dragon Age.  There it is showing me they are trying to get more people to buy the 360 or PC version of a game compared to a PS3 version. 

    Some companies who are not owned by either Microsoft or Sony may look at this and follow suit.  It all ready happens on XBLA & PSN games.  I hate to be the guy who cried wolf.  Really though if your a developer making games for both systems.  Then all the sudden chooses one platform over another.  Just make sure that you do the same for the other platform as well.  Yes I also could be over looking other things as well.

      So why does BioWare not make an exclusive Sony game?  Yes they might have all there resources being drained in the the 2nd & 3rd Mass Effect games along with anything Star Wars.  I honestly think they could put a side a small team of people to make a great new IP just for Sony with the BioWare flare.  Does it have to be as big as Mass Effect or long?  No it doesn’t, but it has to be great and has to be fun as well.  Will it take money of course, but for a company that makes BANK on every game it sells by just name alone.  why would BioWare not do this to fatten there pockets.  If EA is the one stopping this guess MicroSoft has them tucked away in there wallet or EA does not want to fatten there PS3 wallet any more.

    Knowing many poeple have stopped either reading by now or fell asleep I am sorry.  They are not the only developer to do this, but they are one of the major ones who went from sharing with all systems to sharing with only select systems.  So I say if your listening BioWare I know you have things you want to create so create one of them just for the PS3.  Sony if your listening stop being lazy and pony up some cash to get a BioWare Exclusive game.  cause on August 20th I will show my support for PS3 with a dragon Age: Origins Collectors Edition.