We’re stoked about theoretically playing anyone’s songs in Rock Band. Hopefully Zack Morris will upload his chart-topping hit “Friends Forever” into the game.

News Blips:

Rock Band Network saved the wannabe music videogame stars. Developer Harmonix announced today that its new Rock Band Network will allow any band or musician to upload their tunes directly into Rock Band for other folks to play and purchase. Of course, the ditties have to be approved, so don’t expect to get your “Dick! Dick! Dick! Ballz!” into the game. [1UP]

Bayonetta shoots for a 2009 release, misses. Add Bayonetta to the growing list of fall 2009 games getting pushed to next year. This is pretty disappointing, but if Style Savvy gets delayed, we’re really gonna be pissed. [Kotaku]

Halo scriptwriter still waiting for Hollywood to play along. Stuart Beattie, the dude who wrote the first Pirates of the Caribbean flick, is still shopping around the Halo script he penned a while ago. We’re not sure why Hollywood isn’t interested, especially if schlock like this can get made on a whim. [Joystiq]

Portable Xbox could happen sooner or later (probably later). Microsoft bigwig Shane Kim told Kikizo a portable Xbox may happen sometime in the near and distant future, but right now, the company is focusing on its Project Natal gizmo. Then maybe they’ll consider getting destroyed by the DS. [Kikizo]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including man-bat action in Batman: Arkham Asylum, building stuff in ModNation Racers, Paper Mario papercraft, and…more.


Video Blips:

Learn how to be a man-bat in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Without having to wear itchy spandex.


ModNation Racers lets you build lots of crap. Hope it comes with instructions.


Learn how to upload your music to the Rock Band Network. Assuming your songs are classier than “Dick! Dick! Dick! Ballz!”


Cultural Blip:

Paper Mario Papercraft

Meta: Moving Paper Mario papercraft. Check out this impressive Paper Mario-inspired papercraft that actually moves. If you’re really impressed, you can even make your own. Or, if you’re totally not an asshole, you can make us one instead. Thanks! [Tiny Cartridge]


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