It’s been over two years since Braak Studios first announced the 4th entry of the Xanthor series. The collector’s edition of Xanthor 4: The Cudgel of Xanthor arrived on my desk, ready for review despite the slipping ship date.

CoX picks up where the series left off. You’re party members dessert you, and you’re left with only your club and your wits to clear your name for the murders that Falix framed you for previously. It won’t be easy! The game can take over 80 hours to complete. It’s safe to say that CoX can be long and hard.

The visuals of this game are something to look at. The HUD is engaging and accurately shows your character’s status. The draw distances is impressive, and texture popups are minimalized by the cutting edge Bludgeon Engine. Most of the time I was playing I was wondering how they made the sky go on for so long without any trees or buildings to obscure the view. Truly amazing!

When I played online with one guy the game is very unbalanced. I played against a fighter with my wizard. I was 5 levels higher than him, but my punches didn’t even hurt him! If you buy this game you have to play as fighter or else you’re gunna suck.

Thankfully the sound track is really good! I heard the music and was like, "This is great!" People just don’t make music as good these days as the developers did for this game.

The best part of this game is the tallent that went in to making the voices sound good. I honestly believed the mighty Horran was cursing me into exhile when he tells you to gtfo. That isn’t a spoiler because it happens in the first 30 minutes of the game, they even said at Euro E3. It’s your own fault for not knowing. ANYWAY this sounds way better then those hack jobs you see in the sports games that come out all the time. 

Overall the stunning visuals and compelling gameplay make playing this game worth playing. If you like RPGs you should go out of your way to pick up this modern day Mona Lisa. This game gets 8.65 apologies to Jeff Green out of 10!