I’ve been accused of acute video game addiction, yet I really don’t play as many hours as I’d like. It’s that whole being an adult with a job thing. My real addiction appears to be buying games, not playing them. As an expat gamer, I sometimes binge on purchases when I’m in the States. No language problems, cheaper used games and a wider selection. On my recent trip to the States, I picked up some games. Some.


Fight Night Round 4

I don’t normally like boxing, but the game was really cool and I like the dual analog stick control method. Fun, but matches take forever.

Tiger Woods

Came with Wii Motion Plus, so I figured it was a great way to test the tech. It is.

Mad World

lowered price on a really unique title.


3D platformers are always fun. 

EA Sports Active

I heard good things. I could use some weight.


Nothing to say here. Go buy it.


It’s like Infamous on PCP. Way, way, way over the top for no good reason. Too much is too much. Fun, but focus next time guys.

Assassin’s Creed

Lower price and something I need to play before the sequel.


Not loving it as a game, but loving it as a movie.

Red Faction: Guerilla

It’s what Mercenaries 2 should have been. It’s Total Recall the game. It’s a perfect sandbox experience.

Henry Hatsworth

Great mix of two styles of game. Good puzzler. Good platformer. Great atmosphere.