For those that don’t know Objectivism is a philosophy created by famous author Ayn Rand used in such books as Atlus Shrugged and The Fountainhead.  For more information please read the aforementioned books.  Objectivism means that if your not Clark Kent or Barack Obama and then you can get the fuck out!  It’s a philosophy that suggests the weak must not die by natural selection but must be killed by the strong and powerful.  Needless to say it’s fucking stupid. 

Recently a group of people on the internet have used the variation "objective" to describe what they want in a review.  They want reviews to be objective as opposed to the norm, a subjective review.  Ryan Scott said it best, "An objective review would run like this, it’s a first person shooter on the xbox in WWII."  I’m paraphrasing but you get the point.  I was wondering would this review ever work or will it crash and burn.  I thought about it and noticed you could never point out a "flaw" in any game because the ENTIRE population would have to agree with you.  Needless to say subjective reviews are here to stay unless reviewing Bioshock 2.