Considering Midway didn’t put Michael Jordan in NBA Jam, we’re really not surprised to hear a Mortal Kombat-themed court also got put on the bench.

News Blips:

Doom-shakalaka: Mortal Kombat NBA Jam court literally on fire. It’s a beaut, ain’t it? Well, the NBA didn’t think so — turned out this Mortal Kombat-themed basketball court for one of the home console ports of NBA Jam didn’t get approved for some odd reason. Was it the spine backboard? Or maybe it was the flesh head turned into a makeshift ball? Nah, it’s probably because it had no cheerleaders. Yeah, that’s probably it. [1UP]

Control limited-edition Street Fighter ass-kickings at Comic-Con. Peripheral-maker Mad Catz has announced it will be selling exclusive limited-edition Street Fighter 4-branded FightPads and FightSticks at Comic-Con this week. Act now, while supplies last. Or just go to eBay. [Joystiq]

DAHHHHH! Translation: New Rabbid game coming to the DS. Ubisoft announced today Rabbids Go Home is coming to the DS this holiday. In the game you play as Rabbids. But we bet you inferred that by the title, smarty pants. [Kotaku]

Preview Xbox Live update before it goes live officially. Xbox Live spokesperson Major Nelson announced on his website today that 360 owners can sign up for a chance to check out the next Xbox Live update before it goes up for real. We expect a full daily report if any of you get in. And a commission check sent in the mail (priority, please!).  [GameSpot]

Hit the jump for some video blips, including Carlos Santana in Guitar Hero 5, Drug Wars minus the Pepto, a royal Nintendo 64 case mod, and…more.


Video Blips:

Carlos Santana is in Guitar Hero 5. FYI.


Drug Wars trailers needs more Advil, Pepto-Bismol. Has enough wacky weapons.


Hold your flaming horses for this Darksiders trailer. Actually, don’t — that’d hurt.


Cultural Blip:

Mario 64 Castle Mod

Nintendo 64 mod looks like a cake, sadly not. This may be 10 or so years too late, but some dude crafted a crusty Nintendo 64 to look like the castle from Super Mario 64. Pretty impressive, but until he makes Hyrule Castle out of a Virtual Boy, we’re calling this a fluke. [Geekologie]

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