In a recent e-mail I sent out it was to see what someone’s favorite Hero/Villian was.  Now I got back I don’t really follow comic book stuff.  Then I was asked mine as well.  In light I simply responed by saying Ghost Rider.  Makes me wonder about all those create a super hero / villian games.

Out of all the create your own super hero / villian games they don’t give any way to recreat Ghost Rider.  Don’t belive me try to have Flaming chains that burn you.  Can you do the whole flaming skull body while wearing leather?  With a bad ass like Ghost Rider I can’t think of any game that comes close to making him.  

Everyone can do the two claws out of the hand and dress them like Vega or Wolverine.  Then we get the odd ball characters who want to streach forever.  Maybe they want to torch everything like you guessed it Human Torch.  Even Green Lantern can be remade as a simple character.  With the way everyone thinks it is just simple to make the easy characters.  

It just boils my insides that no company will give love to this character in there create mode.  Now if Little Big Planet had a way for me to make Ghost Rider Sac Boy it would be the only one I would use.  Yes, it may be hard to add his awesome features, but then again with Super Man, Batman, Spiderman and others then in man they get the first abilities and looks in a game.  

So in the end all I ask for if a developer reads this that makes comic book games is to add Ghost Rider or something like that to your game.