I’ve got to say that I’m writing this after putting at least 6 hours into Rhythm Heaven. Despite all this time, I’ve only gotten a little past the 1st half of the game! At this point I’m just going to call it quits and send it back and wait for my next game from Gamefly. I feel like Rhythm Heaven crosses the line from fun and challenging to just plain frustrating right around the 4th tier of minigames. It would take at least another 2 hours to pass the next minigame and that time could be spent playing games I’m more interested in. Maybe I just lack rhythm or I might just be impatient but I have no idea how it would be possible to get past some of these minigames. Even though the game gives you the option to skip one minigame each tier, I still couldn’t beat the next game in the tier.

        What bugs me is that there are so many simple solutions that would make games like this much more enjoyable. Having the whole tier of games open would have been nice to relieve some frustation. More and more developers are making their games with adjustable difficulty for the more casual audience so that everyone can appreciate their game. In my opinion more developers should just make "hard mode" require the player to think more or use the assets given to them in the game. Instead, most games "expert mode" simply throw the same enemies in except they just do more damage. That’s not hard, that’s just cheap. More developers are finding that middle ground between downright  frustrating and a challenging, entertaining experience and that makes me hopeful for the future of games. What do you think can be done to solve these problems?