War. War never changes.

So, I’ll start with the one thing we all know and loathe(I hope we loathe!): the console wars. Once upon a time, the only consoles that existed were made by Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. I wasn’t around for Atari, but was fortunately alive when Nintendo and Sega were supposedly going at each other’s throats. I remember those days fondly, as I have no idea if people were always arguing over how *whiny thirteen year old bully voice* "Nintendo is better than Sega, loser!" In the end, Nintendo is still making consoles and handhelds, whereas Sega makes video games(I still remember the description of their final console, the Dreamcast, in Phantasy Star Portable: Built with cutting edge technology, hopes and dreams"). I was happy playing both companies’ products. I didn’t care which it was, I just cared about the game I was playing.

   So many years later, Sony came up with the Playstation, and Squaresoft went off with the disappointed Nintendo employees responsible for this console which you could also listen to your CDs on. The Gameboy finally had color. At some point in time, Sega made the Dreamcast, wich is the one truly responsible for the online gaming madness on consoles. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be very appealing to most, and Sony had made the Playstation 2, whereas Nintendo made the Gamecube and Gameboy Advance. Sony ruled the last "generation", Nintendo did well mostly because of their amazing handheld, and all of a sudden, Microsoft decided that they were going to try to monopolize another medium with their Xbox. That’s when IT started.

    All of a sudden we were thrust into a world of,"MY CONSOLE IS BETTER THAN YOURS, MOTHERFU-" There were those who adored RPGS, or Sony fanboys, then there were those who loved blowing things up, or Xbox fanboys. Then there was, and still are, everybody else, or people who own something made by Nintendo, or own EVERYTHING. Since then, it’s been a Sony fan vs. Xbox fan. Before, people said that Microsoft was too late, the PS2 had more videogames, and most of the games out for the Xbox already came out for the PS2 eons ago. Nowadays, you could say the same thing, just vice versa. But there’s another thing that divides everyone, and that’s price. The PS3 is still quite expensive; I said I wouldn’t purchase one unless it was exactly $300 or less. If you look at the hardware, though, in order to get the full 360 experience, it would essentially be the same if not possibly more than the PS3. The Ps3 is no longer backwards compatible, and even if it was, would the games from PS2 work on it properly anyway? As for the internet thing, you actually have to pay for Xbox Live. When that can be done for free via the PSN, and you have to pay for the internet to use either of the two, which seems to be the better offer?Then there’s the hardware itself; red rings of death. Need I elaborate?

        The most important factor is what games each person will play.Personally, my favorite genre is RPGs, followed by survival horror, so I play more Sony and Nintendo systems. Were my computer not an Aspire One, I’d be playing games on it as well, but that’s my other point; while console exclusivity is disappearing, there are still a few games specific to Microsoft. However, they eventually come out for the PC, which we obviously all own. That reduces purchasing their consoles to pointlessness. In the end, they should be purchased FOR THE GAMES, NOT THE COMPANIES!  

The only time I agree with which is better is when PC gamers chime in. We all know that computers will always be infinitely more capable than consoles. As for consoles themselves, while I have reservations when purchasing them, I don’t mind playing any of them. I’m still just as happy as I was when I didn’t know what the hell was going on. Now, I sound like an old fart going off about the glory days, but I’m sure that for most, that’s what they were. There’s better now, but at what cost?