tapjoyTapjoy announced today it has launched a new version of its monetization platform for iPhone apps and is also partnering with analytics firm Pinch Media. The aim is to increase profitability for iPhone app developers by giving them more options for generating revenues.

One of the things Tapjoy does is give developers the ability to optimize ads, or choose which ad network will serve ads to users in real time. This generates higher ad revenue for the developer. The Tapjoy platform can also generate revenue via virtual goods and other social sharing features built into the platform. Tapjoy gives developers code so they can integrate a pipe into their applications through which ads can be sent. In contrast to market leader AdMob, Tapjoy essentially offers developers a choice of eight different ad networks.

The latter feature landed Tapjoy in a dispute with AdMob, the leader in iPhone ad monetization. AdMob has said that it won’t participate in multi-network ad aggregation systems such as Tapjoy and rival AdWhirl, ostensibly because users have complained about seeing broken ads in iPhone apps. But Lewis countered by explaining why he thinks giving developers a choice of multiple ad networks is a good idea: It results in more money for the developer. Linden said the company is building a version of its SDK for Google Android-based phones too

The platform now also includes analytics from Pinch Media and special offer monetization via Offerpal.

The Pinch Media analytics platform helps app developers make better decisions about how to enhance the uptake on their apps. About 200 developers and publishers are now using the Tapjoy software development kit, which launched in trial mode about a month ago.

Tapjoy was founded by Lee Linden and Ben Lewis and now has four full-time employees. They created some top-selling iPhone games such as TapDefense, which was downloaded more than 5 million times. But the creators were frustrated at how ad-based monetization was still in its infancy on the iPhone.

The company still has its own game division, TJ Game Studios, operated by a team of contractors. But now the company also has its own platform that it gives away for free to developers.

Nick Holland, founder of Sidehobby.com, said his gpsAssassins (a location-based assassination game) app is using Tapjoy’s platform now, mainly because the Offerpal integration means that gamers can answer offers without leaving the app. He says other games coming in the future will use the multi-network ad optimization feature.