paulcarrPaul Carr pushed his own bad reputation as a sass-mouth, hard-drinking columnist for the freewheeling British news and commentary site Carr’s column, Not Safe For Work, lampooned Web 2.0’s self-styled thought leaders and personal brands, most notoriously shredding the insidery Le Web conference as “freezing cold, no Internet, boring.”

In early 2009, Carr moved from London to San Francisco, hoping to drive his poison pen into the heart of the tech industry. Instead, the cost-cutting Guardian laid him off earlier in July.

But you know how Silicon Valley works: Carr now writes for TechCrunch. He’s brought the NSFW column title with him, and will be appearing once per week on Saturdays as a test-drive by TechCrunch chief Mike Arrington.

Carr’s first column is a lazy but funny self-referential piece mostly intended to establish himself as a trainwreck writer — drinking problem, failure at jobs and relationships, etc. But it also establishes that TechCrunch has branched out from sheer news reporting to rambling commentary. In coming weeks, look for Carr to openly insult readers and mock other writers. I’m not sure if there’s a monetizeable model for Carr’s personal brand, but it’ll be fun.