Some gaming tattoos are pretty cool, and others are just plain ass.

Cultural Blips:

Tetris Heart Tattoo

Tetris tattoo pieces together nerdy heart. This Tetris-inspired heart tattoo is a wee bit aww-inducing. Well, if your heart is made of falling blocks. Ours? Cheeseburgers. [Geekologie]


Nuka-Cola Quantum

Nuka-Cola Quantum — it’s not the real thing. But this fan-made soda pop from Fallout 3 sure does look real. Wonder if it comes in zero radiation. [Offworld]


GameBoy Coin Pocket

Nintendo GameBoy Coin Pocket is small enough to fit in any hole. We love our DS, but it’s way too big; it hardly fits in our back pocket. These little Game & Watch-style GameBoy keychains, though? You can pack at least four or five these guys back there. Maybe more. Especially if you’re on the Fat Princess diet. [technabob]


Pac-Man Oven Mitt

Pac-Man oven mitt prevents oucha-oucha-oucha. Keep your digits burn free with this officially licensed Pac-Man oven mitt. Perfect for when you want to make a killer batch of pellet brownies. [Geekologie]


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