It’s pretty cool to see 360 Avatars muck it up in Guitar Hero 5. But if our Miis and Home characters can’t also become rock stars, we’re totally boycotting this game.

Video Blips:

Oh, look: 360 Avatars awkwardly rock out in Guitar Hero 5. Here’s the staff of 1UP playing a song as themselves as cartoon characters. If this was any more exciting, we’d contemplate throwing our panties on stage. [GameVideos]


Continue after the break for a Persona PSP remake video, Darkest of Days guns, and a NHL 2K10 trailer.


Persona PSP remake video requires no gun to the head. Which is good because our splitting headaches are getting a little too literal. [GameTrailers]


Darkest of Days trailer teaches you how to blow multiple loads of lead. All this game needs is the splits and it could be a spiritual sequel to Time Cop. [Joystiq]


NHL 2K10 trailer shows dudes skating. Could use more triple axel, though. [GameTrailers]