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Here are a few of the most recent stories you might have missed:

10 Things Business Schools Won’t Teach You – Sure you can learn a lot of useful things while studying for your MBA, but all too often, the most important lessons are left out of the lectures. Serial software entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah fills you in on some of the things your professor might have forgotten to mention about startups.

Product management on a shoestring – Want to dramatically increase the power of your engineering group? These 10 tools will help your startup get things done better, faster and cheaper.

Five marketing time wasters – Deciding how to allocate time and resources is a difficult process for any business -and it’s even harder for start-ups. But of all the allocation decisions to be made, there’s none more difficult than marketing. Here are five things you can (and should) avoid.

How to run a startup, Steve Newcomb-style: Naked Thursdays – Steve Newcomb knows a thing or two about finding that perfect blend of directed action and creative flexibility. (He ought to after launching five companies, including Powerset, which sold to Microsoft last year for $100 million.) Here, Newcomb shares some of his business philosophies.

That NDA might be hurting more than it helps – For many entrepreneurs secrecy is the watchword. However, Jeff Hawkins, founder of Palm and Numenta, encourages entrepreneurs to involve people in their problems and to solicit as many qualified opinions as they can. In this video from an Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture at Stanford University, he explains his reasoning.